Food to consider when training in the summer or in a heated environment!!

Food to consider when training in the summer or in a heated environment!! | Heuristic Lifestyle

All of us are wondering how to keep that beach body on for the rest of the season. Here are some of the foods to be eaten and avoided in the summer for the perfect body and health during the heat.

1. Ice cream cookies sandwich – worst

The idea of the ice cream melting in your mouth along with a couple of chocolate chip cookies in the summer heat is quite fantasizing….but did you know that just one of these sandwiches contains 500 calories! YES 500!! Certainly one reason for some massive weight gain if we keep snacking on them. A better option is to make your own low fat sorbet using skimmed milk and add some low sugar cookies, for a low-cal cookie sandwich.

2. Macaroni and potato salad – worst

Many of us think that eating cold salads will be refreshing and will help to keep us cool during the summer. However, choosing some fresh vegetables or fruit salad is by far the better option. As delicious as macaroni and potato salads may sound they are loaded in calories and are a major weight gaining.

3. Corn meal – worst

Corn meal is also one of our favourite summer foods and of course,when we choose food by taste our bodies do not necessarily benefit from it. Corn meal is a food that is high in calories and will add in gaining body fat. A healthier option is corn on the cob, without butter. This would below- calorie, as well as a high-fibre food that helps us keep that lean summer body. You can also use this to make some fresh salads which would be both good for our health and keep us rejuvenated during this summer heat.

4. Watermelon – best

Watermelon is one of the best foods to keep us hydrated during intense summer heat. It has over 90% water composition and is also a great source of lycopene which helps in fighting cancer. Hence eating watermelon or even making a juice out of it is a great summer food.

5. Fresh iced tea – best

Iced tea is a recommended beverage for the summer. Tea has zero calories, loads of antioxidants and can even help you lose weight. It is to be noted however, that to benefit from these qualities you should make your own fresh iced tea rather than buying the bottled one which may have high sugar content.

6. Barbeque – best

Grilled chicken is high in protein, low calorie, and a low fat meal with very minimal amount of carbs. By adding some veggies like bell peppers, zucchini or squash you can also increase its vitamin c, mineral and antioxidant composition while also making it more delicious. And what better way to enjoy the summer weather than by having an outdoor barbeque with family and friends.

To beat the summer heat our food intake is very important as it can help to make up for the loss of water that occurs as well as providing us with our daily nutritional requirements. So choose your foods wisely and as it has been rightly said “you are what you eat”.